"Probably the most widely-praised and well-attended tango festival in the United States"

Festival Highlights
  • Over 30 hours of milongas with world-class DJs
  • Two full days of group classes (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Our giant 3,000 SF main dance floor and two auxillary floors, all in a 14,000 ballroom!
  • Our signature touch: A custom-baked cake at every milonga
  • One of the friendliest, most welcoming tango communities anywhere.
  • Venue: A fantastic venue, the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town, which offers abundant space  and which is adjacet to Old Town, which puts over 13 cafes, restaurants, galleries, and shops a short stroll away.

The sixth annual
Albuquerque Tango
October 28 - November 1, 2015
It's out - Albuquerque Tango Festival, the movie. This brief video production will give you a real sense of what our annual festival is all about any why it is so popular. Watch Albuququerqe Tango Festival - The Movie
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Join us for the sixth annual Albuquerque Tango Festival. At our 2014 festival over 650 dancers enjoyed the world-class instructors and DJs, the huge (4,000 SF) dance floor, our warm and welcoming tango community, the high levels of floor craft, and our signature touch, cake at every milonga. Our 2015 festival is shaping up to be bigger, better, and even more friendly. Don’t miss it.
Some Photos from Prior Years
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