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Registration Information - Please Read Carefully Before Registering 

Registration for the 2018 Albuquerque Tango Festival will open on Sunday, August 5, 2018, with our 9th annual one-day, half-price pass sale! Set a reminder so you don't forget the date. 

1. Refundability: Regular-priced passes (all passes except those sold during the 1-day sale on Aug. 5 are fully refundable, no questions asked. Passes sold during the one-day sale are not refundable under any circumstances and are not transferable unless you purchase the "make it refundable" option. If you purchase a non refundable/non transferable pass and you cancel you may roll the credit forward, to the next year. 

2. Receipt: The receipt issued by PayPal is the only receipt you will receive. You will not receive an additional receipt from the festival. We download our registration list directly from PayPal, so if your transaction was processed by PayPal, rest assured that you are registered. 

3. Your Names: If you are purchasing multiple passes, or if your PayPal account is under your business name rather than your actual name, please make sure that we have the correct name or names to associate with each pass.  You can emailing me this information when you register. 

4This is not a gender-balanced festival: We do not turn anyone away, limit participation, nor discriminate in any way based on gender or lead/follow preference. Neither do we offer pricing incentives based on gender or lead/follow preference. We treat everyone equally. Consequently, the gender ratio for this festival mirrors that of the tango community overall, with slightly more women than men. If it is highly important to you that there be absolute gender balance, this is probably not the best festival for you! You might instead consider one of the many wonderful encuentro-style events that are held around the country each year, which are strictly gender-balanced (but also often turn away or wait list followers). Our philosophy is, rather than to limit participation based on gender or lead/follow preference, to instead be transparent so that people can self-select whether or not to attend based on how important gender balance is to their experience. 

5. Who's Coming List: Due to attendee's privacy concerns we no longer publish a "Who's Coming" list. Rather, if you would like, please indicate your intent to come on the Facebook page for this year's event. 

6. Individual Class and Milonga Passes:  A limited number of individual classes and milonga passes will be offered for sale at the event. Pricing is listed below in the pricing chart graphic.
2018 Festival Pricing 

Prices for the 2018 festival are the same as those for the 2017 festival. 

There are three tiers of prices; the individual event or "at the door" price, the regular pass price (30% off the total of the individual event prices), and the one day sale price, good only on Sunday, August 5th (50% off the total individual event prices). 

Two passes are offered; the full pass (includes all classes and milongas), and the milonga only pass (includes all milongas). 

The mixer on Friday and the warm up classes offered before the regular classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are free to all festival participants. If we offer a lecture or presentation before classes on Sunday, that will also be free.