Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of dancing can I expect?
On average participants will have five years of experience dancing and studying Argentine tango. All styles of social tango are welcome. High levels of floor craft and floor courtesy are encouraged and are the norm. 

Are there any tango performances?
The strong emphasis of this festival is social dancing, not performance. The only performance will be a group dance lasting three songs during a brief break Saturday night

Are there interruptions during the milongas. 
We value milongas without interruption. The only interruption will be Saturday night for the instructor group performance and brief announcements.  

Do I need to pre-register for individual classes?
No. If you purchase a full festival pass, there is no additional registration required for each class. Simply show up for the classes that you wish to take. 

What is included in the full festival pass?
All regular milongas and all regular classes.

What can you tell me about the tango community in Albuquerque?
Tango has been thriving here since the mid 1990’s. There are many very experienced dancers and many newer dancers. The most common comment that I hear about our tango community is how friendly and welcoming it is. 

What is the beginner’s package?
With the idea of exposing tango to potential new dancers we offer a two class, beginner’s milonga package for a very reasonable price. For those who have never danced tango, or have danced for six months or less, this package is a great opportunity. 

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