What people have said about prior years Albuquerque Tango Festivals:

"Big and diverse, a broad spectrum of dancers, DJ's, teachers, and styles, I can't wait to come back and be a part of it again"
Momo Smitt , Portland, OR

“FANTASTIC FESTIVAL! It was the best-organized festival I have ever attended, and I’ve attended a BUNCH.” 
Caroline Peattie, San Francisco, CA

“The festival had great organization and a very pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. It was well done. The best thing for me was that it was obvious how much emphasis was placed on hospitality and making participants happy. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you for doing such a splendid job.” 
Martin Rybczynski, Boulder, CO

“Good classes, lovely milongas, good energy floating all over.”
Graciela Thorpe-Powers, Santa Fe, NM

“The venue was first-class, organization was flawless, and you gave us lots of dancing.”
Maurizia Zanin, Kauai, HI

“Amazing … great event. Had a wonderful, wonderful time.”
Joy Hanshaw, Lawrence, KS

“I loved the festival and thought it was one of the best I’ve attended.”
Leean Kravitz, Albuquerque

“It was an amazing success.”
Paul Akmajian, Albuquerque

“Best festival ever! Great music, well organized, and fun people.”
Sarah Bradley, Albuquerque

“BEST, MOST FANTASTIC festival I have ever attended. I was in awe most of the weekend.”
Bonnie Star, Basalt, CO

“You blended devotion with excellent organizational skills and good humor.”
Andrea Campbell, Santa Fe, NM

“I had the best dancing I have had in years here in the U.S.”
Liz Haight, Santa Fe, NM

“Your festival was great. Your attention to detail made a huge difference. And you must have a great community of dancers and volunteers to pull this off.”
Stan Sitko, Boulder, CO

“You and your team really put in a lot of effort and love to make it all a big success.”
Frank Gonzalez, Phoenix, AZ

“It was as good as the best festivals anywhere.”
Michael Leffert, Albuquerque

"I so enjoyed the 2014 Abq Tango Festival! Thank you for all your fine work putting the event together"
Elizabeth Harris, Santa Fe, NM

I really enjoyed the festival, it's structure, and everything about it!
Alina Rominger, Santa Fe, NM

I have attended this festival four consecutive years. You might say I like it a lot.
Donald Rowe
Event Coordinator, Tango Society of Minnesota

I really liked pretty much the whole Albq Festival and I hope to come back in future years! I will recommend it to anyone who asks.
Karena Rice, Tucson, AZ

This was my first festival in Albuquerque and I thought it was Fantastic, the people were friendly the dancers were great! 
Ronn Nuger, Annapolis MD

You drew a huge crowd filled with leads I'd never met before; leads who've never come to Portland's festivals.  Fresh meat!  Yea!
Robin Greco, Portland, OR 

Thank you for organizing a fantastic Tango Festival.  I'm back in NYC now and relating to all my tango friends how wonderful the festival was.  I loved everything, the music, the classes, the dancers, the hotel, Albuquerque and the most of all the attention to the every  detail that made it all work so well. 
Susan Horowitz, NYC

Everything was well done and especially the music which is always my priority
Norm Horii