Maja has been dancing since she was three years old. She has a background in contemporary dance and ballet, as well as latin and ballroom dances. She attended music school for ten years, where she played the piano and flute. She studied Spanish and German language and literature at the University of Zagreb and worked as language teacher and translator. In Karlsruhe, she worked in different departments of the Center for Art and Media Technology (ZKM). Marko was more into sports and almost went pro in basketball. Instead, he decided to study Electrotechnics and later Physics in which he obtained a degree at the University of Zagreb. He later continued his education and in 2014 received his PhD in Nanobiotechnology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). From 2010 until 2018 we have lived in Karlsruhe, Germany. We curently live in Zagreb, Croatia.

We started dancing tango in Zagreb, Croatia in 2002 in a small group of enthusiasts curious about this “new” dance. Some five years later we began giving regular lessons at the Tango Argentino Zagreb dance school. Our first and most influential teachers were Pablo Rodríguez and Noelia Hurtado. Later we continued to study with Noelia and Carlitos Espinoza. We also studied with Federico Naveira and Inés Muzzoppapa, Bruno Tombari and Mariangeles Caamaño and Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepúlveda, among others.

Since 2014 we are working with tango professionally, holding workshops and performing all over Europe (Amsterdam, Minsk, Florence, Karlsruhe, Genova, Budapest, L´Aquila, Freiburg, Treviso, Poreč, Mantova, Halle, Sevilla, Lisbon, Procida, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Reykjavik etc.). In 2018 we have started to work in North America, Asia and Australia.Core Instructors (three pairs every year) 

Maja and Marko 

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Maja and Marko - Class Demonstration - Favorite Combinations 
Maja and Marko - Tango 
Maja and Marko - Milonga
Maja and Marko - Vals 
Maja and Marko - Tango to Live Music 

2019 Albuquerque Tango Festival 
Instructional Cadre
(Six different instructor pairs every year) 

Core Instructors 
(Three different instructor pairs every year) 

Carrie Field holds a bachelor's degree in dance/arts and social change, She performed and toured professionally as a modern dancer for many years. Carrie began dancing tango in 2005. She has been teaching Pilates, yoga, and Gyrotonic® since 1993 and holds certifications in all three practices. Owner of Taos Pilates Studio and Founder of Tango Inform, Carrie brings a passion for the mechanics of the moving body to tango. She is currently in her second year as a student at the University of New Mexico in the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program.

Check out Carrie's paper, Health Benefits of Argentine Tango. 
Eva Garlez & Pablo Rodriguez are internationally recognized Argentine Tango teachers that belong to the New Guard of Milongueros, young and full of enthusiasm they use the close embrace as a means of musical expression. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina they have chosen Albuquerque as home-base after having traveled throughout the US in recent years, giving seminars and performances. They combine an extraordinary ability to explain the basic mechanics of danceable tango and from there building a very personal dance for each student. Their classes increase the confidence of their students by giving them the tools they will need at all times.

Currently, they continue expanding Tango all over U.S., visiting Tango communities and Festivals, and sharing their knowledge and charisma.

Pablo Rodriguez comes from a family with an extensive_F2F6895-0012 musical pedigree; Porteña traditional music is in Pablo’s blood. Because of his infatuation with the dance, Pablo began to seek expertise in recognized milongueros, developing his own personal style of dance and teaching.
He focuses on leadership: clear and precise lead, posture, music and the comfort of women. He also focuses on the good management of the line of dance and how to optimize the tools one has on the dance floor. The fundamental principles are stepping, elegance, balance, interpretation of music and comfort of women, all with a high technical quality. And all this without forgetting that Tango is a social dance.

Eva Garlez, after starting to learn Tango, was quick develop considerable knowledge and understanding of both roles. Eva’s love of dancing is transmitted as she teaches and performs. She has become an outstanding milonguera, having taught and performed with great milongueros.
In class she provides all her knowledge and experience as a dancer, optimizing the learning process of the students to help them quickly achieve a high technical quality. She focuses mainly on posture, balance and elegance to develop an intuitive and personal dance, which enhances the beauty of the dance.

You can find more about Eva Garlez & Pablo Rodriguez at www.evaypablo

Santiago is a true "Milonguero" Tango dancer. He is known not only for his elegance, precision and musicality in his dance style, but also for his methodology and pedagogical skills, constantly endeavouring to study more and more, and with a very versatile character that comes as a consequence of his passage through different tango styles, passion, dedication and respect for Argentine Tango.
Santiago combines tango dance improvisation playing with the elegance of Salon style and the flavour of the Milonguero style.

He is faithful and devoted to the kind of tango he believes is the authentic tango, i.e. the kind of tango which emphasizes the embrace, walking, music, the feeling, respect and codes. He not only nurtures his students to help them to become better dancers technically and aesthetically, but he also inspires them so that they can feel and understand tango not only as a dance, but as an attitude and a way of life.

He is known for his charisma, professionalism, and creativity. He considers himself as a tango intellectual for his versatility and his fanaticism for new things or insatiable quest for body movements, inspired by his knowledge of all other dance styles. 

Santiago currently lives and teaches in Rome, Italy. 

Fernanda combines the spiciness and sensuality of tango milonguero with the elegance and skilfulness of tango salon. She fell in love with tango in her home city, Santiago de Chile. In fact, tango was always present in Fernanda’s life because her grandparents danced tango and her granduncle sang tango in family reunions. At 20 years old, she more seriously dedicated to learn tango from top tango instructors in Chile and Argentina, including Santiago Castro, Paulina Cazabón & José Luis González, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Osvaldo & Coca, Santiago Croce, Karina Anton, Zoraida Fontclara, and Carlitos Pérez & Rosa Forte. She practiced Biodanza for 10 years prior, which gave her unique experience and perspective with the emotional and sensual aspects of dance. Tango since then has become Fernanda’s refuge, passion, art expression and lifestyle.

Fernanda has deep respect for tango, its music, culture and codes. She is committed to her students to connect with such culture while learning technique, musicality and never loose connection with the partner even when executing more complex steps and embellishments. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes tango culture, technique, connection and sensuality.

Fernanda currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she is an Assistant Professor of Theoretical Ecology at the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and at the Center for the Study of Complex Systems of the University of Michigan. There she balances her tango life with her academic responsibilities of conducting research, getting grants, teaching university courses and supervising PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in her group.
Since coming to the US Fernanda has taught workshops and privates classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Phoenix, and Tucson and at festivals including Albuquerque, Tucson, Valentango, and Burning Tango. 

Santiago and Fernanda - Milonga 
Santiago and Fernanda - Tango 

Guest Instructors 
(Three different instructor pairs every year) 
Jaimes Friedgen is one of the most influential tango dancers to have ever come out of the American tango scene. A large number of the country’s prominent touring instructors have derived great inspiration from his dancing and teaching, either from afar, or through direct coaching. He began dancing and performing tango in Los Angeles in 1996, still in his mid-teens, and spent the next four years passing on the generosity and wisdom of countless great maestros to thousands of people all over the Western United States. By the early 2000’s, the demand for his work as a tanguero yielded enough income to support him and his loved ones completely, allowing him to invest all of his energy in his one great goal: to develop the most effective system of teaching tango ever created.

Understanding that he would not be able to do this alone, in 2006 Jaimes founded the now legendary 8th Style School of Tango in Seattle, WA. Through collaborations with dozens of gifted dancers, teachers, and administrators, The 8th Style emerged as the new standard for an organized, curriculum-based tango school in America. Many of its methods and systems have now been adopted across the U.S. and abroad, and though the goal is still in the distant future, the great strides that have already been made are quite evident to the well-traveled tanguero.

In his own touring career, Jaimes has continued to evolve as a performer and instructor. His performances have often been described as “mesmerizing” and his brilliant workshops are well known for vaulting students off of the inevitable plateaus that besiege every hard-core tango dancer. Though one of the most in-demand and expensive teachers in the Northern Hemisphere, Jaimes still teaches quite a bit for free: from teaching the most down-and-out street-kid the ocho cortado, to helping the aspiring pro sharpen up his lines and musicality, he lives to pass on his knowledge to anyone willing to pay attention and give it their all

Having taught and performed with a variety of partners for years in the Seattle area, Christa Rodriguez stunned the tango world with her debut performance with Jaimes Friedgen at the Yale Tango Festival in April of 2009. She wasn’t even scheduled to perform but stepped in at the last minute when Jaimes’ actual partner for the exhibition could not make it due to family housing issues. What unfolded was the culmination of the young woman’s exhaustive work since the autumn of 2003: the appearance of an ultra-feminine powerhouse of refined grace, dignity, and confidence who would set a new standard for the American tango aesthetic. Her precision and subtlety have yielded a completely unique characterization of the dance that is impossible to copy, universally appealing, and thoroughly inspiring all at the same time.

Being surrounded by and assisting the highly experienced local and visiting professionals in the Pacific Northwest, Christa already had much to offer before she began the process of rapidly accumulating thousands of hours of teaching experience during her tenure as a prominent 8th Style instructor. After the Yale performance she began touring regularly with Mr. Friedgen and was immediately embraced by the international tango scene as an extraordinary talent in the classroom, with a direct, no-nonsense teaching style both effective and charming for serious students of the dance.

"Tango for ordinary people... Tango for everybody"

Our philosophy is to inspire our students to enjoy the embrace and love for social tango, promoting the connection and improvisation between couples. During our more than 20 years of experience dancing and teaching Argentine Tango, we've been developing our style like a permanent laboratory, experimenting the movement of the body from the simplicity of the life. We're convinced that the Tango dance is for everybody. It Doesn't matter the age, the background or if you never danced before.
We have participated in festivals and workshops in Europe, South America, North America and Asia, obtaining differents awards (1st and 2nd places) in worldwide tango championships in Argentine and Korea.

Paloma and Maximiliano - Live Music (Tango Bardo at Salon Canning)
Paloma and Maximiliano - Tango
Paloma and Maximiliano - Milonga 
Instructing the Tango Inform Warm Up Classes
Instructing the Absolute Beginners Class
Rommel Oramas stared Argentine Tango in 2000 and His most influential instructors have been: “Los Totis”, Julio Balmaceda, Fernanda Ghi , Guillermo Merlo,Maximilano Cristiani, Jesica Arfenoni Gabriel Anglo, Natalia Games, Andes Laza Moreno and Graciela Gonzalez. Rommel taught tango in Arizona for 8 years prior to relocating to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has run annual Immersion Tango workshops to Buenos Aires He is often invited to teach at tango festivals throughout the U.S. In 2011, he began a journey into the World of Tango Salon competition and received 2nd place in the U.S. Argentine Tang Salon Championships in San Francisco in 2012, and 3rd place in New York City in 2013. Rommel finally moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015 after visiting this city every year for many months at a time. Rommel continues dancing and competing in different tournaments. He got 1st place in the Salon Championship in Cordoba, as well as the Casilda Championship, and Salto Salon Championship. He placed 3rd in the 2015 Intermilongas Championship, and 6th place at the Buenos Aires Metropolitano 2016 Championship. In March 2017, Rommel and his partner received 1st place at Mundialito Express.
Also 6th place at the Buenos Aires tango de pista Competition 2019 with partner Gisele Terella. 

 Achievements •
2nd Place USA tango competition 2012 with partener Daniela Borgialli 3rd Place with partner Andrea Fernandez, Campeonato Intermilongas, 2015 • 1st Place with partner Andrea Fernandez, Campeonato Casilla, Sante Fe, 2016 • 1st Place with partner Andrea Fernandez, Campeonato de Cordova, 2016 • 6th Place with partner Laura Pelegrino, Campeonato Metropolitano de Buenos Aires, May 2016 • 1st Place with partner Constanza Vecslir, Mundialito Express, March 2017
Carolyn has been a licensed Physical Therapist since 1992, after earning her degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School of Allied Health Sciences. She owned a private practice for outpatient therapy from 1996-2016, and specialized in orthopedics. She has an extensive education in dance related injuries, and has treated dancers from a variety of professional companies including the Hong Kong Ballet, Aspen-Santa Fe Ballet, Hubbard Street, and Juan Siddi Flamenco. Carolyn is an active member of The International Academy of Dance Medicine and Science. She is a former professional ballerina with the Pacific Northwest Ballet and The Texas Ballet Theater companies, and trained with elite dance programs across the US including The School of American Ballet, The San Francisco Ballet School, and The Juilliard School. Through this extensive experience she has developed a keen comprehension of the physical demands on a dancer’s body. Carolyn is now bringing her unique expertise to tango enthusiasts after almost 20 years of studying with a wide variety of instructors from Argentina and the US. Her Physio-Tango © classes have been well-received, and have helped many dancers gain insight, through an understanding of body mechanics and cross-training, improve their tango and prevent injuries.

Instructing the Physio-Tango Warm Up Class
Rebecca’s Tango journey began in the Pacific Northwest in 1999 while pursuing her BFA at the University of Oregon. Through Eugene, Oregon's Tango Center she devoted herself and 20 years later her feet have not yet stopped dancing!! From 2000 Rebecca has lived and taught within numerous communities in the USA, and around the world. Her partnership with Eric Lindgren brought her into the USA circuit, to Boston, and then eventually abroad. Now, after 5 years teaching, organizing, and djing in Berlin, she is back in the USA and home in Oregon. Currently she offers regular classes in Portland and several smaller communities in Oregon as well as workshops and residencies across the Country. As a teacher Rebecca has always believed in the transformative process of learning Tango and is fueled by the metamorphosis of her students. She offers accessible compassionate guidance combined with a deep understanding of both following and leading, music, and ever-evolving techniques.